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Cibele Pinheiro

Cibele is a passionate Physiotherapist who loves the beach, surfing, pilates, yoga and hot weather.

Cibele's approach focuses on seeking to address the root cause of the problem looking at the body in a holistic way. She specialises in: back/neck pain, shoulder/hip/ankle injuries and sports injuries. 
She uses different tools to help her clients reaching their goals: dry needling, Pilates, functional movement exercises, and manual therapy including massage and joint mobilisation. 

Her treatment approach is designed to empower you to understand your body, provide you with tools to take control, move with joy and reach your full potential. 

She employs the Connect Therapy Model which focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem looking at the body in a holistic way.


This model focuses on the interconnections between various regions and systems of the body and The link between the body and mind, the therapists and patients, and how  we are emotionally and socially connected.

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Our Services




We adopt a holistic approach to treatment, recognising the interconnected nature of the body.

It involves a thorough assessment to find the cause of your problem and create a personalised  treatment plan.



 The Pilates principles are breath, whole-body health and whole-body commitment. 

It focuses on core strength and stability, flexibility and overall body awareness. 



We are able to contact you via video chat to develop a tailored treatment plan with the same level of care as an in-clinic service.

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1/12 Tasman Way

Byron Bay

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9:00 am – 7:00 pm

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